OmniaMusica is a one-of-a-kind recording studio in Italy. It is the only one, indeed, to have been designed in consultation with one of the world’s leading expert in acoustics, Mr. Arthur Noxon (founder, Managing Director and owner of the prestigious Acoustic Sciences Corp. from Oregon – USA). Arthur Noxon is the inventor of Tube Traps, the acoustic traps that have transformed the world of acoustic sciences, and were used from artists like the Who and Michael Jackson for their recording sessions.

Arthur Noxon is among the most esteemed international experts in recording studio design, and he also has been Bruce Swedien’s acoustic consultant for years (Swedien produced recordings by Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson, included “Thriller”, the best-selling album in human history). Noxon has believed in Paolo’s work and abilities, then decided to support and collaborate with him for years in order to design and build this place. A unique privilege.

Created following Noxon’s specifications over 5 years, OmniaMusica Recording Studio has born to fulfill a precise need: to become a powerhouse of music at the highest level, a shelter for musicians and a place to meet, conceive and create innovative production both in the music and video-productions fields.

A space designed to answer to all musicians’ needs: the core of music, where music is at the core.

OmniaMusica is a music-production studio, however by its nature it is also a place to meet and collaborate with some of the most renowned national and international music professional. All this make it possible to offer a number of extraordinary opportunities to all the ones who want to live on music and for it. These opportunities are gathered together in the Your Music Lab courses offer.

Where is it?

15 minutes from Parma, a few minutes from Torrechiara Castle and in the centre of the Italian Food Valley. The studio can be easily reached by car or public transportation.

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